Brain Scientific is a top growth
pick for 2021 and beyond.
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Why Invest in Brain Scientific
Revolutionizing the EEG market, making neurological care affordable & accessible to all
Major disruptor with a cheaper, simpler & more practical alternative to conventional technology
Owner of 2 patented, FDA approved products for wirelessly connected EEG test technologies
Positioned for explosive growth due to a severe access shortages (70% of hospitals lack EEGs)
Developing long-term monitoring capabilities using the Nobel Prize graphene materials
Massive market of over 100 million patients in the USA alone
Closely aligned with telemedicine & Med-Tech sectors (continuous Quarter over Quarter growth)
Highly experienced executive team in all relevant fields with proven track records
Global Market Potential
Massive Patient Base

EEG tests are vastly undersupplied throughout the US, and globally it’s worse. This is due to a lack of readily available hardware, which is already operated on dated technology and equipment. The shortage is exacerbated by a lack of trained and qualified medical staff to administer and then interpret the results of the EEG tests.

These patients include people of all ages: TBIs and head traumas arriving in ICUs and EDs as well as suffers of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, dementia, strokes, seizures, sleeping disorders, migraines, and encephalitis.

5 million
ICU and ED patients are candidates for EEGs each year, yet only ~25% of these receive the test because departments do not have the available technology or specialists
5.8 million
Alzheimer’s suffers in the USA - 1 person diagnosed with it every 65 seconds in the US
1.6 - 3.8 million
Concussion occur each year in the USA
3.4 million
Suffers of epilepsy nationwide
50-70 million
US adults have a sleeping disorder
30 million
Migraine suffers in the USA
1 person per min.
Is affected by encephalitis in the US
16.2 million
Suffers of depression - Most common in those aged 18 - 25
800,000 per year
In the USA someone has a stroke every 40 seconds
Sources: World Health Organization & Johns Hopkins
Brain Scientific is a great opportunity for seasoned industry veterans as well as first time investors.
1.25 - 5 million
ICU and ER patients
9.2 million
Epilepsy and Alzheimer's sufferers
85.1 million
Migraine, Sleep Disorder, Encephalitis, and Stroke patients.
  • 1 in 6 Americans are currently affected by brain disease
  • A globally aging population is increasing the shortage of specialists to conduct and interprete EEGs
  • Less than 1% of US hospitals are level 4 epilepsy center, with 24/7 EEG coverage
  • Only 30% of US hospitals have the equipment and on-hand professionals to perform an EEG
Market Growth
Huge Market Growth Potential

This is an early stage investment with huge growth potential because of its inclusion in multiple markets that are expected to expand rapidly over the next few years:

  • Medtech Market – Growing at a CAGR of 5% from $176.7 billion in 2020 to $262.4 billion in 2028
  • Telemedicine Market – Growing at a CAGR of 23.5% from $34.2 billion in 2018 to $185.6 billion in 2026
  • Brain Scientific’s advanced technology brings EEGs to millions of patients in widely underserved markets
  • These revolutionary, cost effective, MedTech products will vastly widen the availability of EEGs and bring neurological care to the masses through teleneurology
The growth prospect of this opportunity is as certain
as the fact that the world’s population is getting
older, every single day.
COVID Aftermath


In the aftermath of COVID-19, doctors all over the world are finding that many of those who contracted coronavirus have acquired long-lasting neurological conditions.

There is no detailed knowledge of what these neurological conditions may be or may mean for the afflicted. EEGs are going to be instrumental in diagnosing and organizing treatment for those afflicted.

Brain Scientific’s revolutionary technological advancements in the world of EEGs are going to be key players in the rapid advancement of neurological discoveries and treatment insights in this area. This represents a huge opportunity for growth the company valuation.

Product Market Fit

In the US a rapidly aging population is creating a shortage of neurologists, and 20 states have fewer than 10 neurologists per 10,000 patients. These areas are called ‘neurology deserts’. Worldwide, there are neurology deserts much larger than those in the US, which leaves a large percentage of world’s population untreated because their neurological afflictions go undiagnosed.

This market is ripe for technological innovation, and publicly traded companies, like Brain Scientific are leading the charge.

  • Brain Scientifc’s goal is to eradicate these neurology deserts in the USA and make EEGs accessible to everyone
  • Making EEGs widely available using their proprietary technology Brain Scientific (BRSF) sees a significant increase in its stock price in the future
New Advanced Technology

Brain Scientific’s two patented and FDA approved products, NeuroCap™ and NeuroEEG™ have already disrupted the EEG market and thrust it into 21st century by, reducing size, and incorporating wireless bluetooth technology and secure cloud storage.

Over 80% reduction in setup time
(from 30 minutes to 5 minutes)
Can be fitted by anyone who received minimal training
Patented and FDA approved
Disposable, eliminating the chance of spreading infections
Small and completely portable
Doesn’t require acutely trained technicians or on-hand neurologists
(massive advantage over current systems)
Backwards compatible with existing 3rd party systems

Brain Scientific has commenced development of its market disrupting proposed Brain E-Tattoo device for the brain diagnostics market, utilizing revolutionary, Nobel Prize winning material graphene, which is expected to feature minimally invasive, subcutaneous graphene electrode implants paired with a micro EEG. The proposed Brain E-Tattoo device is expected to allow for long-term monitoring capabilities and uninterrupted data collection from patients with neurological conditions such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and other brain disorders.

Via a graphene based electrode system connected to a micro EEG that is clipped behind the ear, signals are collected by the sensors and wirelessly and securely stored in the cloud, where AI performs continuous analysis.

Both of these technologies are market disruptors. Integration with AI and machine learning will enable faster, more accurate diagnostics, improved predictability of events such as strokes and seizures before they actually happen, and enable a better standard of care.

Brain Scientific is a great opportunity for seasoned industry veterans as well as first time investors.
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The Team
Boris Goldstein
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Dr. Boris Goldstein is a visionary pioneer with the intention to revolutionize and democratize the MedTech industry. With over two decatdes of experience in neuro-net informatics, brain image recognition and processing, artificial intelligence and management of robotic systems. Goldstein’s growth-focused leadership style has helped him raise over $750 million in venture capital to develop innovative companies and startups in diverse industries. Built a suite of first-to-market companies as a technology-oriented leader, including RYAH MedTech, Brain Scientific, GrapheneCA, E-Forex and Intelligent Video Systems. Co-Founded BrainRX, a company specializing in pre-Alzheimer’s diagnostics.

Dr. Nikolay Kukekov
Ph.D., Director

Dr. Nickolay V. Kukekov is Senior Partner at BRIC Biotech Ventures LLC, and a Managing Director at Custom Equity Research, Inc. Kukekov previously worked as a senior healthcare investment banker at Rodman & Renshaw. Through his illustrious career, Kukekov has attained a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York. Along the way, he has picked up several prestigious research scholarship awards and been featured in various peer-review publications.

Amy Griffith
Vice President of Strategy & Business Development

Amy Griffith is a seasoned professional and an innovative sales expert with years of experience in the medical and healthcare industries. She leads the development of strategic and tactical initiatives and new sales strategies for Brain Scientific. Previously, Griffith has held senior positions at technology companies and has worked with numerous start-ups on creating and implementing strategic sales programs. At Glaxosmithkline, she promoted a product portfolio to over 400 psychiatrists, neurologists, internists, OB/GYN, and family practice physicians.

Irina Nazarova
Marketing Director

Irina Nazarova is a media and marketing professional with an extensive journalism background, specializing in Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, and Public Relations. She previously held a CEO role at 7+7 Media, Inc. In 2010-2016, she was a publisher of DOM-2 Magazine and Moscow: Instructions for Use Newspaper. Nazarova graduated from The New School (Media Management) and Moscow State University (Journalism).

In Summary

Brian Scientific (OTC: BRSF) is a top stock pick for 2021, expecting exceptional growth in the very near future. Two patented, FDA approved devices are going to lead the expansion of EEGs and the availability of neurological care through the new, high growth market of teleneurology.

This is an opportunity not to be missed! Brain Scientific will soon be the lead player in the neurology tech space with their revolutionary, 3rd party compatible equipment which will soon be present in every market in the USA.